Install a clip
every other second.
Bjarnes System
for increased efficiency
and better ergonomic installations
Quick installation
directly to substrate.
Best for up to a 30 degree roof pitch,
but will work up to 45 degrees.

Automatic feeding system. Developed by tinsmiths, for tinsmiths

Innovative fastening system for simplified building

Bjarnes System’s product portfolio of clips and innovative installation tools is designed and developed with the purpose of simplifying building. Our solutions are ergonomic and easy to use, allowing you to work more safely and efficiently.

  • The largest engagement in Europe
  • 60% of the Swedish market
  • Exports to 15 countries
  • Sales of 5,500,000 clips/year
  • All products are produced in Sweden
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Tools that make installation faster and easier

Technical advice for clip selection

The development of Bjarnes clip systems is based on solid professional experience. Find technical advice here

Snow and wind load calculation

Download our help tool and order a snow and wind load calculation. This professional calculation includes a fastening plan. Fill out the active form and send it to

Download the form here (pdf)

Clipdriver DF - Innovative fastening system for
simplified building
Developed by tin smiths for tin smiths Automatic feeding system for both clip and fastener Depth control Fast, safe and with high quality results 15 collated clips/strip

New Clips Manual 2017/2018

The new Clips Manual 2017/2018 now includes the combination table for insulated roofs. You can easily find what you need for your type of roof and insulation thickness.
Download our new Clips Manual 2017/2018 (pdf)

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